Black Bugs In Rice – How To Get Rid Of And Prevent Rice Weevils

It’s not always easy to get rid of bugs in rice, and some people don’t like using chemicals in places where they are preparing and storing their food. If you’re looking for some DIY pest control methods for how you can get rid of rice weevil infestations or want to learn how to get rid of them naturally, then this next section should be of help.

Vinegar And Water Cleaning Solution

Many people don’t want to use commercial cleaners because they’re toxic and abrasive. White distilled vinegar, whether used alone or in various natural mixtures, can be effective at replacing most common cleaners in your house.

It’s perfectly safe to use white vinegar in your kitchen and pantry because it’s not toxic to humans and animals.

To make your own vinegar and water spray, you’ll need:

  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • ½ cup of alcohol
  • 5 drops of eucalyptus oil
  • 1 spray bottle

Combine the above ingredients into your spray bottle and shake well to ensure they’re evenly distributed. Then use it to spray down cabinets, pantries, and kitchen surfaces. Not only will this method clean your kitchen, but it can also keep insects out of your rice.

They’re easy to get and they help prevent bugs from infesting your house. You can also add some clove oil to the disinfectant that is used to clean your cupboard shelves and pantry area.

Put lots of unpeeled garlic pods in the rice container and shuffle it well. After they have dried out in a few days then change the pods.

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Soapy Water Cleaning Solution
If you’d rather use a simpler method for killing off bugs in rice, you could just add 2 cups of water to a small spray bottle and then put 5 to 10 drops of liquid detergent into it. Pour the water into a spray bottle, shake it until it’s foamy, then spray it inside the pantry and wipe it off with a damp rag.

Store Ginger or Turmeric With Grains
If you’ve experienced bugs in rice before, then you know just how frustrating they can be. To avoid having to deal with this pest problem again, we suggest keeping garlic, ginger, or turmeric inside containers with other foods these pests tend not to eat.

It may sound odd but there’s no harm in trying (just make sure that the item remains out of children or pet’s reach). Matchboxes contain sulfur and this substance is not appealing to weevils. You can open a matchbox near the food packages.

Freeze Your Grains
To get rid of the weevils, put anything that was near them into a container and freeze them. Freezing something for at least two days will destroy any weevils that may be present.

If any weevil larvae are present, they will be killed by the low temperature of the freezer. They won’t have a chance to grow into adults.

This technique has the potential to destroy the eggs and larvae of the beetles, keeping food safely stored.
Store foods such as flour, grains (including rice), dry pasta, and cereals in the freezer whenever you purchase them. After storing these items in the freezer, be sure to store them properly by placing them in airtight containers.

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Use The Power Of The Sun To Get Rid Of Adult Rice Weevils
If you do find adult insects in your food and still want to save them, some sources suggest letting the grains sit out in the sunlight for several hours. Be cautious however because using this method can also cause other types of pests to infest your food, but it will clear out the rice weevils.

Adults rice weevils prefer darker spaces than light ones, so they will leave them immediately when exposed to direct sunlight. After the adults are gone, you can store the product in the refrigerator for four days to kill off any remaining eggs or larvae. Then you can put the product back into your kitchen cupboard.

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